Through the environmental volunteer work and educational activities for citizens we have been contributing to spread a new sense of civic commitment, social responsibility and environmental protection. Legambiente has been working for many years for environmental education to be integrated into school programmes. We are strongly committed to build a real cooperation between the School System and local areas in order for environmental education to become an active part of the whole action to raise more awareness, ensure global education and responsibility in the active citizenship.

Environmental Education. Legambiente created a Network of Environmental Education Centres, that are operating both in natural and urban areas, acting as a sort of training agencies in the field. Through various instruments, such as the competition among schools called “Classes for the Environment”, other educational initiatives, several information and sensitization campaigns addressed to children, adolescents, adults and institutions, we are struggling to create a social experience of participation and active citizenship.

Active work in the field. Thanks to the campaign “Piccola Grande Italia” (Great Little Italy), we have been supporting the smaller municipalities and the artistic heritage and traditions they protect; in addition, through other initiatives, such as “Goletta Verde” (the Green Schooner), “Treno verde” (the Green Train) and “Operazione Fiumi (Operation Rivers), “Carovana delle Alpi” (Caravan in the Alps) and “Salvalarte” (Save the art) we have been involving many volunteers on key themes such as sea pollution and protection of coastal areas, urban centres, water, the whole Alp ecosystem and the artistic heritage of our country. Other initiatives, such as “Puliamo il Mondo” (Let’s clean the World!), “Clean-up the Med”, “Mal’Aria” (Sick air), “100 Strade per Giocare” (100 streets to play) and the “Festa dell’Albero” (Tree’s Party), we have been offering to thousands of kids some important opportunities of participation. Moreover, there are many initiatives aiming at promoting good practices to reduce wastes and improve the selective waste collection.

Environmental information. We manage to disseminate information on environmental themes every day thanks to the publication of our magazine, called “La Nuova Ecologia” (the New Ecology), and its website, the newspapers “QualEnergia” (Which Energy) and “Rifiuti Oggi” (Wastes today). Legambiente is part of many European networks of civil society, and struggles to fill the gap of participation and democracy in the European Union. We participate in order to enhance the knowledge and awareness about rights and responsibilities of being citizens in the EU as well as to encourage, at the same time, the discussions about increasing solidarity within and inside the European frontiers.

Citizenship and Participation