Climate change has a huge impact on the whole Planet and affect all us closely. Legambiente promotes various information and dissemination activities for citizens, schools, municipalities and institutions aiming at stop the culture of energy wastage and air pollution.
Renewables sources and efficiency. We believe in a future based on renewable sources and energy efficiency, which must become the main engines of an economical rebound by creating new jobs.
It is possible to thoroughly reduce the dependence from fossil sources that are very hurtful for human health and the Environment while exacerbating, at the same time, the economical crisis. On the contrary, choosing renewable energy sources means to invest into a healthy and safe development that can reduce consumption costs, create new jobs and foster economy. Through many initiatives, Legambiente have been asking to the international diplomacy, the European Union and the Italian Government to play a key role to fight climate change as well as to change their development perspective and prefer innovation and green economy.
Adaptation strategies. Legambiente asked for a binding global agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and avoid therefore irreversible unbalances in the biosphere.
Through the Italian map of climate risks, we are able to gather information on any kind of impact coming from climate change in the city areas. We need new models of intervention for urban areas based on different approaches and adaptation strategies able to rethink urban and infrastructure policies. In order to change our cities into sustainable environmental, social and economical areas, it is necessary to pull three main ingredients: new and sustainable mobility; building eco-friendly neighbourhoods to regenerate peri-urban areas; ensure the requalification of the energy sector in order to enhance the value of our building heritage.
Hydrogeological risks. Thanks to our Civil Protection Department, we ask for concrete commitments to mitigate the hydro-geological risks. Climate change effects on already vulnerable areas, due to the excess of anthropisation and lack of maintenance, are nowadays a fact. It is fundamental, then, to intervene with urgent and efficient actions to mitigate risks, and establish means, priorities and adapted economical resources, as well as ensuring dissemination and awareness raising activities for citizens on such important themes.


What Legambiente is doing:

Market Watch project –  a project founded by European Commission aiming at create a campaign of testing everyday products in shops and online to cut energy bills and avert dangerous climate change.

H2020Label PackA+ –  a project founded by the Horizon2020 research and innovation programme, aiming at facilitating the introduction of the package label for space heating and water heating systems.

Climate change