Every year, Legambiente organizes Festivals, called Festambiente, that are real “ecological villages” spread all over the country, where everything, from catering to cultural programmes, is instrumental to convey the importance of the association commitment for the Environment and social solidarity. The first event of Festambiente was organized in 1989 in Rispescia (Tuscany); nowdays host on average 80,000 visitors coming from every part of Italy to discuss altogether and enjoy the various environmental initiatives. Time after time, every year we manage to organize around 30 venues of Festambiente. At the festival, it is possible to access to many different events, such as concerts, conferences, theatre plays, outdoor cinema, playgrounds for children and catering spaces where people can taste healthy, typical, natural and short supply food products. Legambiente organizes and takes care of all details of Festambiente, at a national and local level, since for us it is not only a way to launch our slogans, but a way to adopt the best practices of sustainability. Moreover, Legambiente has approved an internal regulation in order to ensure the consistency and the environmental respect of the event and to bring to zero the balance of emissions produced during such events.

Festambiente Network