Among the most important activities of Legambiente, there are the information and monitoring national campaigns, which merge scientific analysis with public awareness and mobilization to protect the environment. Legambiente’s information and communication campaigns annually cover the entire Italian territory: they are to be considered as open windows or bridges linking Legambiente to citizens, communities, institutions, policy makers and media. These campaigns are our most valuable and direct tool to talk to citizens and administrations and stimulate them to take behaviors aiming at improving the quality of life and protecting the beauty of Italy.
Our most relevant and longstanding awareness campaigns are:


Clean Up the World: The Italian edition of “Clean-Up the World”, the greatest world-wide voluntary environmental protection initiative,

Clean Up the MED: A day to clean up our beaches and to celebrate the World Environment Day,

Day of the Trees: an awareness raising campaign on biodiversity that fosters the planting of new trees all over the country to speak out for green and livable cities,

The Green Schooner: Legambiente’s ship schooner that every summer sails the Italian seas searching for pollution and promoting uncontaminated marine areas along our coastlines. This campaign aims to give people real-time information about the state of cleanliness of waters in relevant touristic destinations and promote a new type of seaside tourism aiming at safeguarding and increasing the value of environmental quality,

The Green Train: aiming at collecting a great deal of information regarding smog, traffic, and noise. The itinerant train coaches (equipped with exhibitions, videos and small scale models, conference ), has been visited by hundreds of thousands of children during its 3 days stops in towns and cities along the years whilst the initiative has produced important interventions against traffic jams and pollution thanks to the work of our local groups in cities reached by the train.

Voler bene all’Italia (Loving Italy): this is our heritage campaign , launched to promote the value of our great heritage – environment, cultural property, local typical products and traditions – cherished in small Italian towns, as the irreplaceable defence grounds of the Italian identity.

Information and communication campaigns