From an environmental perspective, countries of the Mediterranean area have to face many issues: air, water and soil pollution; overexploitation of marine resources; risks of offshore drilling and marine transportation of oil; uncontrolled coastal construction; floods; inefficient management of water resources; energy and waste. Those issues are closely related to climate changes effects that are seriously jeopardizing its social and economic development. Legambiente believes that it is necessary and urgent to focus our attention and efforts on it, building up alternative policies. That requires a clear strategic vision that is completely different from the one advocated so far by past and present international and domestic policies. This is why we were glad to participate to the creation of “An environmental alliance for a sustainable and fair Mediterranean”, aiming at proposing concrete answers to address the Mediterranean governments, in order to prepare a fairer and sustainable future for the area. We believe that there can be no rights without development and sustainable development is the only means to guarantee rights for everyone; not only for a few to the detriment of others.


What Legambiente is doing:

Medsealitter project – an international project aiming at developing, testing and delivering efficient, easy to apply and cost-effective protocols to monitor and manage litter impact on biodiversity

Tackling marine litter in the Mediterranea – from research to action – an International meeting dedicated to marine litter in the European Parliament on 1 February 2017

Stop plastic bags in the Mediterranean Area – an Italian initiative to request a ban on plastic bags in all the Mediterranean Countries.

Clean Up the MED 2017 –  the awareness campaign that each year involve more than 1,500 locations in 21 Mediterranean countries with the aim of draw attention on the pollution of the Mediterranean Sea and motivate communities to work together to change the situation.

Marine Litter – Legambiente consider the marine litter one of the major threats to marine ecosystems in the Mediterranean Sea and is engaged in different activities aiming at reduce marine litter in the environment.

Mediterranean basin