Protected areas are the main “custodians” of biodiversity and they represent the key factors for launching a green economy and new models of sustainable development, through actions to involve all the stakeholders, especially citizens. That is the reason why Legambiente has been working in Italy for 30 years to involve citizens, institutions, local administrations and bodies managing parks in all its activities of Environment protection and local sustainable development.
Legambiente’s protected areas of Nature and Territory are 47 and they are managed by the Legambiente local groups, committed, for instance, into managing natural resources and dissemination and education activities. Legambiente has been contributing in these recent years to rescue many species from extinction, such as the Marsican brown bear, the wolf, the marine turtles, the macrostigma trout, the griffon vulture, the deer, the Sicilian zelkova, many butterflies as well as several other animal and plant species.
We have also been engaging in various activities to protect ecosystems at risk, such as humid areas and forests, through national campaigns or projects, such as the Goletta dei Laghi (the Lake schooner) or BioEuParks. Our joint work with all political and social actors concerned has allowed for radical changes in those areas that were too often characterized by exclusion and depopulation.