Legambiente has been always committed to promote a new paradigm of quality agriculture in order to avoid the excessive exploitation of natural resources, soil, water and air: a new agriculture aiming at producing healthy GMO-free and safe food in total respect of the Environment. Agriculture must also play a key role to reduce soil exploitation, mitigate climate change effects, contribute to revive the economy of the country and develop a green economy creating new jobs.
In 2015, on the event of the International Expo of Milan, entitled “Feeding the planet, energy for life”, the historical awareness campaign “ Green Train” has been focused on agriculture and food. That was a great opportunity to introduce the New Agriculture Manifesto and the a new agriculture project involving farmers, scientists, agriculture and environment ministries and departments of all regions. Such instrument aims at increasing biological production in Italy in the next 6 years and enlarging the “bio” agricultural areas from the actual 9% to 20% within 2020.

Sustainable agriculture