The Clean up the Med is an international campaign which takes place every year since 1995, involving thousands of organizations and hundreds of thousands of people, public bodies and associations that join their efforts against the pressing threat of marine and coastal pollution, especially plastic contamination.

In 2017, Clean up the Med will been held on the 26th, 27th and 28th May and will unite the participants of many different countries (Spain Algeria, Greece, Tunisia, Croatia, Morocco, Egypt, Cyprus, Lebanon, Portugal, Turkey) on Mediterranean beaches and coast locations, to clean them up from litter of any sort.
During the campaign, Legambiente also organize a monitoring of the beach litter to determine the level of diffusion of microplastics throughout our sea and beaches, that are nearly impossible to remove and could be easily be ingested by fishes, sea birds and other marine creatures with terrible consequences. Marine litter one of the major threats to marine ecosystems in the Mediterranean Sea and requires the contribution of all!

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Clean up the MED 2017