Legambiente will represent the environmental Mediterranean movement at the Ocean Conference, 5-9 June, New York, United Nations. The aim of the Ocean Conference is to talk about the development and support of a robust implementation framework for SDG 14 emphasising a participatory process. It aims to build on existing successful partnerships as well as strengthen cooperation between new and diverse stakeholders.

In line with this aims, on June 8, Legambiente will organise the meeting “A Multi-stakeholders Governance for tackling marine litter in the Mediterranean Sea” with the aim to report to the Conference the work we have done concerning beach litter. A huge citizen science activity that has characterized our role in recent years.
We believe the need to face jointly the threat that marine litter represents for biodiversity and the economy of our countries. Only a strong cooperation can reduce this problem, starting from prevention.

Here the save the date of the meeting

Follow our representative at the Ocean conference or contact them to meet and share activities during the event:
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Legambiente at the Ocean Conference, 5-9 June, New York, United Nations