Fighting terrorism is the only point that seems to gather unity on the agenda of the G7, while trade and the climate issues are currently at the basis of division among States.
For Legambiente, the top priority of this G7 should be to define, with clear words, a new perspective on the global management of the migration issue. This important and dramatic emergency cannot be reduced to terrorism and security, which are just two aspects of a much wider crisis made of war, climate and poverty. A crisis based on management and exploitation of resources, starting with energy, as well as territorial control.
The energy revolution and the struggle to counter climate change are the safest strategic antidote to build a serious global climate justice, a prerequisite for reducing poverty, marginalizing conflict, reducing migratory flows, and trying to reverse “the third world war in pieces” as said by Pope Francis in his encyclical “Laudato si”.

Legambiente on the G7 of Taormina in Sicily: Energy revolution and fight to climate change to stop wars and respond to migrations