On the 19th April, more than 800 migrants died on the Sicilian channel whilst attempting to reach the shores of Europe. This is only the most grave of the numerous massacres that go through the Mediterranean sea which testifies to the failure of both national and international policies governing migration: years of closed borders, of monitoring the sea, of illegitimate, of arbitrary arrests and of human rights violations have not done anything to stop the arrival of migrants into Europe, despite having been at the heart of the public debate on a political, legislative and even financial level. There is no law that can stop those who risk their lives in their own country and have fled from warzones and persecution.
For this reasons, Legambiente together with more than 50 voluntary associations, support an appeal, targeting EU and National Institutions, to change direction of the actual policies on migrations, that are causing suffer and death for thousands and thousands of people.
We will then send the petition to EU Institutions, PMs, and decision makers and make circulate this among our volunteers.
If your organization agrees on what is proposed in the petition, we would be very grateful to add new promoters. In this way we could show that our movement is not silent and is deeply concerned about massacres that cannot be accepted anymore.
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No more deaths in the Mediterranean Sea