Climate change

Climate change has a huge impact on the whole Planet and affect all us closely. Legambiente promotes various information and dissemination activities for citizens, schools, municipalities and institutions aiming at

Sustainable agriculture

Legambiente has been always committed to promote a new paradigm of quality agriculture in order to avoid the excessive exploitation of natural resources, soil, water and air: a new agriculture

Mediterranean basin

From an environmental perspective, countries of the Mediterranean area have to face many issues: air, water and soil pollution; overexploitation of marine resources; risks of offshore drilling and marine transportation


Active citizenship is the cornerstone of social development. Volunteers are the heart and soul of our association and they contribute to make Legambiente’s actions more meaningful and widespread. Every year,


Protected areas are the main “custodians” of biodiversity and they represent the key factors for launching a green economy and new models of sustainable development, through actions to involve all

Citizenship and Participation

Through the environmental volunteer work and educational activities for citizens we have been contributing to spread a new sense of civic commitment, social responsibility and environmental protection. Legambiente has been

Festambiente Network

Every year, Legambiente organizes Festivals, called Festambiente, that are real “ecological villages” spread all over the country, where everything, from catering to cultural programmes, is instrumental to convey the importance

Environmental crimes

Ecomafia is a neologism invented by Legambiente in 1994 to designate organized crime groups who have made of illicit waste disposal and trafficking, illegal building, illicit excavation activities, illicit work

Information and communication campaigns

Among the most important activities of Legambiente, there are the information and monitoring national campaigns, which merge scientific analysis with public awareness and mobilization to protect the environment. Legambiente’s information