Legambiente is a non-profit association born in 1980. The mission of the association is to make the environmental culture the centre of a new kind of development and diffused well-being. Important values for the association are the improvement of environmental quality, the fight against all forms of pollution, a wise use of natural resources, the construction of a more balanced relationship between human beings and the nature. Spreading those values could be an effective way to respond to the challenges of our time: the modernization of the economy, the commitment to beat unemployment, the struggle for peace and against all forms of discrimination and social injustice, the effort to consider globalization not only as a mere trading of goods but also as a means to improve quality of life and to give rights to billions of men and women forced to live in poverty.
The awareness campaigns Goletta Verde (Green Schooner), Treno Verde (Green Train), Operazione Fiumi (Operation Rivers), Carovana delle Alpi (Caravan of the Alps) and Salvalarte (Save the Art), allow Legambiente to collect thousands of data on the water and city pollution, on the alpine system and artistic heritage.
The association supports renewable energies and GMO-free agriculture and it is committed against the greenhouse effect, the eco-mafia and illegal buildings and the protection of the artistic and cultural heritage of the Italian territories.
Moreover, Legambiente‚Äôs awareness campaigns Puliamo il Mondo (Clean Up the World), Clean up the Med, Mal’Aria (Sick Air) and thousands of workcamps in Italy and abroad, have shown the way forward for a strong and combative environmental volunteerism.